Cowboy's Sweetheart Films
Audra Kelly: CEO, Founder, Visionary, Producer

Audra developed bootstrap credentials by starting at the bottom and working her way up in radio, stage and film. In the mid 80's, she made her mark as a producer and choreographer of shows for nightclubs and later as an actress on stage.

Never one to impose limits on her creative instincts or shy away from a challenge, Audra has honed her ability to choose excellent no-nonsense working partners who gets the job done right.


" The name was inspired during the filming of a segment for THE WISDOM YEARS. During an interview with V.L., an 82 year old singer and songwriter, who overcame a bout with cancer, disclosed the fact her doctors had given up on her recovery stating they had done all they could. Furthermore, if she survived, she would never sing again.

After sharing her miraculous story of healing and defying the doctors, imagine our surprise, when asked if she could perform for us? Not only did V.L. sing, she played the guitar and yodeled!

I observed family and friends in tears, as they witnessed their love one, ' breaking through the barriers ' . I darn near cried myself.

The song that V.L. graced us with was " I Wanna be a Cowboy's Sweetheart ".

So, I named my company, Cowboy's Sweetheart Films, as a reminder of V.L., the 'gutsy' cowgirl who had the courage to follow her heart, ' break through the barriers' and who didn't fold up the chuck wagon at the first sign of trouble".

Audra Kelly

"I WANNA BE A COWBOY'S SWEETHEART is a song about breaking out of the mold, changing boundaries, removing stereotypes and pursuing a dream, even if it isn't common or popular."
— Michael Montana

Our Vision

Cowboys Sweetheart Films, LLC, is a force for positive change by taking you on a ride off the reservation with adventurous, entertaining and thought provoking films.

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