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AWAKENERS...Once you are will never go back


Synopsis: Kelly Forrester is shocked out of her complacent lifestyle when she gains the ability to see beyond normal perception.

She relocates to a ' mystical halfway house ' shared with others who are experiencing similar phenomenon.

Together they are facilitated by ' the other side ' in awakening their latent powers.

To some they become ' raving lunatics ', and to others ' wise sages ', as they each discover their purpose in assisting humanity through the emerging paradigm shift.

Inspired by a true story.

Awakeners - the movie

The Wisdom Years - The promise of America

Genre: Docu-series, Drama

Wisdom Years

We are spotlighting the lives of dynamic elders from around the world that have an unwavering passion for life. The magnitude of their imagination, heart and spirit, far exceeds that of many youths of our time.

True accounts of fearless seniors, walking away from death beds to pursue dreams, discovering latent talents and courageously ' breaking through the barriers ' of limitations set by society, traditions, religions and themselves.

As William Blake said, " It's never too late to become who you might have been".

"We now live our lives

In such a way

That when our feet hit

The floor in the morning

Satan shudders & says

'Oh shit. . . they're awake !!!'"

                                unknown author

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